About Us

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 congregation-and-stageSussex Wesleyan is a unique church. Although we primarily serve the town of Sussex, we are thrilled to welcome  people who drive in from various parts of Kings County, and beyond, to be a part of our church family. We also  have  a vibrant Christian School that educates about 100 students, K-12, from a number of denominational  backgrounds.  To add to this interesting demographic, we are also the primary church serving the faculty and student body of  Kingswood University, a school with students from many states and provinces and a wide variety of  denominations. Not only does this add a wonderful variety to our fellowship, but also a richness that comes with a  truly intra-generational congregation. The challenges to this diversity are obvious, but we look at these varied  constituencies as tremendous blessings, and incredible opportunities.

Our mission statement says that We are a church fully committed to FOLLOWING Christ , INVITING others to experience life with Him, and being a TRANSFORMING Influence in our community and the world.  We are blessed with the privilege of influencing all these people for good and for God, and believe that our investment in them will indeed have an effect upon our own community and even the world.

As you may have noticed, Following, Inviting and Transforming are key priorities for us. While we don’t take ourselves too seriously (we like to have fun!) we take the call to Follow Christ very seriously. This shows up in our commitment to God’s Word the Bible, our weekly devotion to heartfelt worship, challenging teaching, earnest prayer, and sacrificial living and giving.      students-with-Bibles

We also believe that “Inviting” is a lifestyle. We make it our habit to share our faith with other people and to enthusiastically recommend Jesus to our friends. We believe that Sussex is filled with individuals who are leaving God out of their lives, and we try our best to encourage them to see how wonderful it is to know the Lord and to be a part of a caring church family. We love to invite friends to the many great programs and services at our church.

As we eagerly pursue God and share His love with others, it is easy to see His Transforming influence. His presence changes people, and changed people change families, and communities. As a result, one life and one family at a time, even the world begins to change …for with God, nothing is impossible.

We invite you to join us here at Sussex Wesleyan!