Have You Ever Felt Excluded


Have you ever felt excluded?

A news story this week told of an airline passenger who refused to give up his over booked seat and was forcibly removed by airport security; all the while screaming and fighting as other passengers caught it on cell phone video.

I remember attending a concert once where, after convincing my wife Janet to leave our seats in the balcony and walk with me to the front row to casually claim a couple of vacant seats, we were asked by the ushers to leave. It was embarrassing!

Most of us have been turned down more than once in auditions or job interviews, informed we didn’t meet the dress code allowed in the restaurant, excluded from the party invites, or left to the last pick in the school yard ball game. Rejection hurts. Hurts bad!

On the other hand, acceptance lifts. It feels good deep down inside. Think how you feel when someone includes you in the conversation, or asks a meaningful question about your life. Imagine what it means to a person who has been marginalized repeatedly in life when they suddenly feel wanted. Acceptance is a beautiful gift to receive no matter if you are eight or eighty.

I  do know this…you will never give someone a more precious possession than when you convey to them that they are of value. When you include a “passed over person” in your group, your conversation, or your life, you breathe hope back into their very soul. Some people are so good at this. When they talk with you they give you their undivided attention. You sense that they are authentically interested in you, not just hanging in your corner until someone better comes into the room. When people like this engage with you, the impact of their interest can linger for a lifetime.

I so much want to be this kind of person, but I know that I chronically miss opportunities every day to lift the lives of other people in this way. Jesus was the master at this for sure, and I want to be more mindful of his example… more inclined to walk in step with His presence living within me. We all have so much love to give away…so much acceptance to bestow.

“Freely you have received” Jesus said, “so freely give!”

Pastor Don


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